Published & Forthcoming Journal Article

Glaeser CK, Glaeser S, Labro E. (2022) Proximity and the Management of Innovation.
Management Science (Published online in Articles in Advance 24 Jun 2022)

Glaeser CK, Fisher M, Su X. (2019) Optimal Retail Location: Empirical Methodology and Application to Practice. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 21(1):86-102 Finalist, 2017 M&SOM Practice-Based Research Competition

Journal Articles under Peer Review

Oh J, Glaeser CK, Su X. Food Ordering and Delivery: How Platforms and Restaurants Should Split the Pie. Submitted to Management Science.

Research Projects in Preparation for Journal Submission

Glaeser CK, Moon K. Su X. Pick-up, Delivery, or Both? An Online Grocer’s Optimal Fulfillment Models

Glaeser CK, Yapar O. Personalized Pricing via Reinforcement Learning